Bringing Your Child To Cobblestone Kids For The First Time

Taking your child to the Dentist can be a stressful experience for both parent and child. Whether it’s your child’s first Dentist visit, or perhaps your first visit to Cobblestone Kids, there are some things we can share that will result in a great experience. If you check out some of our Google Reviews, parents frequently express children ask if they can “come back again tomorrow.” While this always evokes a smile, it’s a reminder that the team – which includes parents and Cobblestone staff – got it just right. Naturally, this is by design, and it’s a coordinated process.

There are plenty of books to read to your children about what to expect when visiting a Dentist and even more YouTube videos with the latter full of spoofs and trolls so be careful what you click on in front of your child for the first time. The key is providing frequent and affirming communication ahead of the appointment day. Think of it as illuminating the path for your child. Talk about the upcoming visit to the Dentist several days prior in positive tones and as a simple routine. Several days advance discussion eliminates the stress of “Where are we going?” I also like to politely suggest these discussions be limited to parents and children. Input from grandpa about a Dentist he saw while in the Army, how great-great grandpa handled a loose tooth, or a dental emergency while on vacation is usually not what a child should hear prior to coming to Cobblestone for the first time.

When most children learn they are going to the pediatrician, the inevitable question is, “Am I going to get a shot?” Most parents, unless they have memorized their child’s immunization schedule, respond with, “I don’t know.” Naturally, this creates stress for the child which transcends to stress for the parent. By the time you get to the pediatrician’s office, things can be pretty amped up.

At Cobblestone, we suggest you prepare your child to expect three easy-peasy things to happen at the Dentist office. Try using the acronym, “It’s as easy as P-E-C.” (Rhyming helps.) “P” is for pictures of your teeth. “E” is for an exam of your teeth. “C” is for cleaning your teeth. Children who are future paced this way have less stress wondering what will happen next and can count off each step as it is completed.

On the Cobblestone end, we excel at creating a stress-free, soothing, and safe environment. From staff demeanor to color choices, to games, we as professionals in pediatric dentistry, continuously strive to find that balance of smiles found at an amusement park, the safe feeling of sitting in a caregiver’s lap, and promoting good oral health and habits.

There is a science behind what we do. We like to utilize the Tell-Show-Do approach which can make a child feel empowered. We explain what we will be doing (auditory processing), then show them how we will be doing it (visual processing), and then we do it (kinesthetic processing) – all of which build trust and alleviate fear.